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We understand that you need dependable transportation to get you to work, the kids to school and to run important errands.  While vehicles break from time to time and need maintenance you don’t have time to spend shopping around for an honest repair specialist.  

That’s why people who buy from Metcalf Auto Plaza appreciate our on-site, professional repair service.  You can rely on our skilled, certified mechanics and service staff to quickly identify the problem and get you back on the road as soon as possible.  Plus because you purchased your vehicle from us, we have deeper knowledge about your vehicle than a mechanic working on your car for the first time.  

For more information about our Kansas City service center, call Metcalf Auto Plaza today at 913-652-6700.  Customer Service is our #1 Priority! 

Our premier Midwest Buy Here, Pay Here car dealership is known for customer service excellence. It’s the reason, our customers keep coming back to us as they upgrade or change old vehicles for new ones. New customers almost always come to us because someone told them about our friendly, professional and efficient service.

We are one of the few Midwest dealers that provide “service after sales.”  Our Kansas City service center can handle your auto repairs on any vehicle purchased at Metcalf Auto Plaza:

  • Our service professionals can advise you on frugal and dependable ways to maintain your vehicle
  • We have skilled and certified mechanics, trained to repair and maintain every type of vehicle
  • Honest, reliable service

Read what our customers have to say about our service.  You’ll Never Get the Service Run-Around at Metcalf Auto Plaza

At Metcalf Auto Plaza, we understand that vehicles break.  And we're here to help you through those times.  When you purchase a vehicle from Metcalf Auto Plaza our new, state-of-the-art servicing center is here to help should your car need repair or maintenance.

Because we know that vehicles do break, we have qualified mechanics who only work on our vehicles for our customers.  We want to get the problem fixed in a timely manner and get you on the road and driving again.

For auto repair relief contact the service industry leaders at Metcalf Auto Plaza today.  Call us at 913-652-6700.

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